About Japanese Tea

Most of the tea produced in Japan is green tea.
Various tastes of green tea are produced, differing on which part of the plant is picked, whether it is roasted or steamed, the timing of harvest etc.


Sen-cha is one of the primary Japanese green tea. The leaves are subjected to enough sunshine so it is thick and full of green. It has a rich fragrance.


Hoji-cha is made by roasting the tea leaves over strong heat, it has a light taste and fragrance and is low in caffeine and tannin so it is good for drinking after meals. It also goes well with western meals.

Genmai-cha (brown rice tea with matcha)

Genmai is unpolished, brown rice. Genmai grains are roasted and mixed with tea leaves to produce Genmai-cha. The roasted genmai gives the tea its yellowish color and special flavor. It is not so light as Hoji-cha, the mildness is its characteristic.