About Us

Nanpoen Tea Shop, 200 years since foundation.

Nanpoen has a history of 200 years and has been seeking better Japanese tea at Mt.Yoshino, a World Heritage Site.
Blessed with natural conditions, in an airy atmosphere, the tea plants are carefully grown as “Yamato-cha”with high quality and flavor.
We sell not only the best quality but also savory Japanese tea.
Having a history of winning the bronze cup at the Tokyo Expo in 1922, we are proud of our skills of making Japanese tea.
Please try our original “Yamato-cha” inheriting the 200-year history and traditions.

“Yamato-cha” (tea produced in Nara Prefecture)

The fascination of Japanese tea is not only the fragrance and taste but it has been applied to alternative medicine from ancient time. The effect of the constituents in Japanese green tea (catechin, theanin, vitamine C/A/E, caffeine etc.) is scientifically clarified.
Japanese green tea is globally focused, not only as a discretionary item but as a healthy drink.

The origin of Yamato tea begins in 806 when a monk brought back tea plant seeds from China, then ruled by the Tang dynasty.

He subsequently planted them in Uda, Nara. Nowadays, Yamato-cha (Kabuse-cha, Sen-cha, Ban-cha)is produced in Yamato highlands (eastern mountainous area of Nara city, Tenri city, Yamazoe village, Uda city), Oyodo town (the Yoshino river basin), and Higashiyoshino town.
Yamato-cha is so called the “highlands tea” of Japan. Made in a strict natural condition, it has a deep savory, so you may enjoy it to the second or third infusion.

Protecting the traditions, Nanpoen’s Yamato-cha.

The skill of making the tea has been passed on since 1154 for over 200 years.
We still have an invoice register of 1883.

Tasty tea for the customers.

The taste of tea is subjected to one's own preferences.
Our tea is steamed normally, cool down the hot water till you can hold the cup and then put rather plenty tea leaves in the teapot and pour the hot water into the teapot and steep well. You will be able to enjoy a deep flavor.